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Linux French députés' offices will be equipped with a Linux operating system and open source productivity software. There will be 1154 French parliamentary workstations running on an open source OS, with, Firefox and an open source email client.
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RE: Great news :)
by Doc Pain on Mon 27th Nov 2006 12:10 UTC in reply to "Great news :)"
Doc Pain
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I think it's an important step, especially in politics. Now they're questioning what they use. Just to mention security risks, on Linux systems you can exactly control what program does what. You have the complete source code and may even build the system by your own. With "Windows" you can't.

"[...] and make a decision based on solid arguments. I expect more and more people will choose Linux."

That's the point. Decisions should be made by people who have the knowledge needed to decide. And the decision should be lead by facts, not by fanboyism or religious-like behaviour.

"As an added bonus, malware will have a harder time spreading because of more OS diversion. Which in the end benefits all of us."

I think so too.

In Germany, complete PC networks of famous banks (Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank) and of the mail authority (Deutsche Post) have been infected and abused for spamming actions. So I got an information to go to a webpage and enter my PIN - I don't even have an acoount there! :-)

I'd like to see industry and administrations follow. Most illegal stuff is done using company networks. If they request more security and better knowledge about the systems they're using, PC vendors would benefit on putting some Linux on their machines.

"Interesting tidbit: I have seen a PC maker that used some kind of embedded Linux in order to be able to offer a display on their PC's that is always on and that has playback buttons and a screen that shows song/movie/... information. So you can always access your media playback, even if your computer is switched off (well, not fully 'off' of course...)."

Reminds me to status displays and system consoles on the SGI racks where you could see processor loads and memory usage... :-)

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