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Linux French députés' offices will be equipped with a Linux operating system and open source productivity software. There will be 1154 French parliamentary workstations running on an open source OS, with, Firefox and an open source email client.
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RE[4]: Things to consider
by hraq on Mon 27th Nov 2006 15:11 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Things to consider"
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"Most actually take much less RAM because in linux 90% of the code is shared with PIC-ed .so files, "

OK in linux most of shared libraries that you must install for a given application will never be used for another application; so to install 10 applications you will need to install 100 shared libraries that almost all will never be shared because there is no app other than that you installed will use it!

And by the way dependancy hell in windows is unnoticable to customers, but in linux dependacies are deterrent to the platform, and need to be addressed soon.

"Perhaps CentOS is kind of broken?"
Never, it's Redhat Enterprise Linux without redhat logos, besides these horrible things will show up even more with some other weak distros.

"Even with big stuff like compilation/linking and image processing I never got swap active."

Compilation or image processing are CPU intensive tasks not memory intensive tasks Mr Genius. You have to try P2P networking with Gigabytes of files sharable or better try java based applications like Azureus and see the results, or open 20 tabs on firefox with heavy graphics and flash aniamtions; add to that a movie that you would like to watch with xine based player.

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