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Windows "Longhorn Beta 1 is still a few weeks away from release. And Office 12 Beta 1 isn't slated to debut until this fall. But that isn't stopping Microsoft from peeling back the covers on some of the new features slated for the pair of products due to ship in the latter half of 2006."
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by unoengborg on Sat 9th Jul 2005 23:45 UTC in reply to "RE: 0.013"
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I'm pretty sure that the percentage is way higher. I just have to remember the nomber of people that i know with linux a few years ago, and compare with now. Maybe a 800% grow.

I have similar experience, and it is not just the nerds that run it nowdays. I think the big change happened somewhere around the release of the latest Gnome, or perhaps it was all Ubuntu hype that made the trick.

Now it looks good, it just works. Plug in an USB disk and it pops up on the desktop, plug in your digital camera and it automagically opens gThumb for you.

When you show a windows user Ubuntu for the first time you can see in their eyes that they think its cool, and they want to try it. Most of them actually do.
So far I have seen this happen in 3 out of 4 cases this year.

If Linux can raise this much attention in its current relatively unpolished state, what will happen when we can do things like changeing the program menu, or when somebody can convice the developers that directories like /etc/, /root, /dev, /usr, /bin, /lib, /boot, /sbin,... should be hidden by default from ordinary users in the GUI. This would leave them with folders that they actually need in everyday work.

Even if Microsoft is right in its estimate of Linux desktop marketshare (which I very much doubt), this will be a very rapidly growing market in the years to come.

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