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Fedora Core This light hearted review is a look at how a girl who uses Windows (and is non-technical) deals with using Fedora Linux instead. In fact, she likes it so much, she uses it all the time now. If she can use Fedora Linux, anyone can.
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this sucks so much : how about true stuff :
by djame on Tue 16th Aug 2005 17:13 UTC
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like "someone invite you to webcam chat but your msn client is too old, click here to upgrade"
then she would have to fing gaim-vv and she would have figured out how to install it, then she would have failed, of course, and looked for another stuff called mercury and she would have installed it easier than anything else but no matter what she tried, nothing would have worked... then she would have gone back to her now ex friends and told him that webcaming doesn't work on linux, once he laughed at her, she reboot, back to windows and everything just work fine........

by the way, what a poor distro if her windows partition don't appear ?
even mandrake make them visible.....

we're seing the 2 ou 3 last years of "linux on desktop
is ready in 2 weeks"
I hope there won't be another such lame review.......

it's me or osnews is becoming more and more shitty these days ?

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