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Windows "eWEEK Labs has been testing Microsoft Windows Vista builds for more than three years, and our evaluation of the final code shows that the new operating system is a significant improvement over its predecessor, Windows XP. What's more, with a raft of subsystem and driver model improvements, Microsoft has laid out in Vista a solid foundation for stability and usability gains in future Windows versions. For enterprises running XP on their desktops and notebooks, however, a Vista upgrade is no slam-dunk. While Vista's new UAC facilities can make it easier for companies to appropriately lock down their desktops, for instance, it's quite possible to run a well-managed shop of XP machines, either out of the box or with the aid of lockdown tools."
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... but put Directory Opus on the machine, and no other file manager made thus far can touch it.

I disagree. Far Manger ( ) is the best file manager for Windows. Many get put off by the fact that it's a console application, but the power it gives the user is simply astonishing.

It's one of the very few applications that keeps me tied to the Windows world.

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