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BeOS & Derivatives Gnash (open source implementation of Flash) is now working on Haiku. "I've been busy porting the latest Gnash 0.7.2 release to BeOS this weekend. I did start this port as the other version that was apparently ported earlier this year never had a public release. I've achieved a full port that is using the AGG rendering backend and a native BeOS GUI. I also wrote a Firefox plugin based on my SVG plugin. The native BeOS audio handler is yet incomplete, which is the reason why I didn't release anything yet."
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It's not a bug, it's a missing feature. Please be aware that Haiku is an operating system under development - it's not yet a finished and reliable system, and not meant to be really used as is. Else, we would probably have had a release already :-)

Currently, there is no timer to tell Haiku to write back its cached file system data - you either have to do that manually (using the "sync" command), or wait until the file is flushed from the cache (depends on usage and available memory). When you shut down or reboot, the file cache is always sync'd, though.

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