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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "While still far from perfect, Ubuntu 6.10 'Edgy Eft' is both an improvement over the so-called 'long-term support' release and a decent operating system in its own right. It's in a much better place than any other free-of-charge operating system has been before now, but I don't think it'll give any commercial operating systems a run for their money."
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bugs in the installer
by Dima on Tue 28th Nov 2006 19:59 UTC
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The first impression of an operating system is the installer... and in my case it wasn't pretty.

No, this had nothing to do with device drivers. Just not enough testing.

First, if you insert the CD while running Windows, a program pops up, with a title "Ubuntu 6.06". Excuse me? Didn't I download 6.10?

When you boot from the CD, you get a nice splash screen... and no feedback about what's happening. In my case, the hard drive or the CD was really slow so it took about 10 min. to boot. And the whole time, I couldn't tell if it was still doing something or not.

Finally, screen turned completely black, with a cursor blinking in the corner. Reminds me of the good old days of DOS. A while later, an error message appeared, saying the random number generator couldn't be initialized. Uh... that's great to know.

Finally, GNOME session started... and greeted me with an error message - the UI theme could not be loaded, for whatever reason. Well, whatever - I'll survive with the default one.

I start the installer, go through the configuration, partition the hard drive... Wasn't too bad - until it told me that my Windows partition is mounted, giving me options "Cancel" and "Continue". Well, I unmounted the partition and clicked "Continue". The window disappeared. I waited... Nothing. Ran "ps" - that's right. The installer is gone. No feedback whatsoever.

I start the installer again. Now, it shows incorrect time. What the hell? I click the button to change it, then think, "who cares", and go back. The installer freezes. #%&%!!!

I log out and log in just in case...

I run the installer again. Ignore the incorrect time. Click through the partitioning stuff - I already completed it... Nope. Doesn't work. It complains that I can't use XFS as my filesystem - or, I have to make /boot on a separate partition. Uh... duh. We've gone over that the first time. /boot is now ext3. What is the matter?

I gave up fighting the installer... Went back, and repartitioned the drive again - the same way as the first time. And it worked... No more complains about /boot. Weird.

After that, Ubuntu finally copied all the files to my hard drive.

Well, that's one friendly installer.

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