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Graphics, User Interfaces The OLPC's interface is simply way too complicated. I just read through the human interface guidelines for the project; and by god, I got lost after only a few paragraphs. How are kids supposed to learn all this? Read on for my thoughts.
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RE: Mixed.
by Ronald Vos on Tue 28th Nov 2006 22:29 UTC in reply to "Mixed."
Ronald Vos
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I admire the IDEA of Sugar - to rethink the tired old interface - but I don't really "get it" yet. It doesn't have a metaphorical foundation to build upon.

I believe the idea behind SUGAR is an interface centered around activities, just like Don Norman advocates:

It makes a lot of sense; desktops nowadays focus on discoverability of the controls, which is a good thing in and of itself. However, discoverability of the theoretical model behind the activity sometimes gets obscured, and workflow suffers as a result. And if I read the guidelines, they have the latter in mind, and if I read Thom's rant, he says discoverability of the tools isn't that important.

So no point of contention there actually ;)

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