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BeOS & Derivatives Gnash (open source implementation of Flash) is now working on Haiku. "I've been busy porting the latest Gnash 0.7.2 release to BeOS this weekend. I did start this port as the other version that was apparently ported earlier this year never had a public release. I've achieved a full port that is using the AGG rendering backend and a native BeOS GUI. I also wrote a Firefox plugin based on my SVG plugin. The native BeOS audio handler is yet incomplete, which is the reason why I didn't release anything yet."
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"My concern is that the backlash from this "issue" could be very harmful, to those that think that, once they have USB and networking, the OS will be almost perfectly useable! "

Except there wont be a backlash because Haiku is nowhere near finished and the bug is known.
If someone downloads Haiku now and gets a negative impression due to this bug, well, there's no accounting for stupidity.

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