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Morphos The MorphOS Team is pleased to announce that the next public release of MorphOS will support the EFIKA. MorphOS is a lightweight and flexible operating system and EFIKA is a low-power and silent miniature mainboard based on the Freescale PPC5200.
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RE[3]: Efika
by Raffaele on Wed 29th Nov 2006 05:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Efika"
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@ racs who wrote:

>I agree, even if this mobo is severely underpowered for desktop use.

Are you kidding pal?

Actually 400 MHz on a PPC mobo it still allows any usage.

Take a look at this german Linux based PVR machine, the dreambox:

It has been based for years on a simple PPC clocked at only 250 MHz.


These news forgot to mention that Genesi reached also a cooperation agreement with XGI graphic card manufacturer, which will release all datasheets to realize driver for MorphOS, Linux and any other OSes which still runs on Pegasos, and that next generation of Efika the Efika2, it will embed an onboard XGI graphic chip.

P.S. again:

2 weeks Ago I signalled to OSNews the infos about the public release of the new MorphOS browser called "Sputnik browser" based on KHTML engine.

Unfortunately none of the OSNews Staff noticed the news!

P.S. third:

MorphOS v1.5 will run on Efika according to Genesi words, this will also mean that the long awaited update of this beautiful OS sure will be available in a brief amount of time for Pegasos platforms also.

A superbundle CD full of licensed programs will also be available with MorphOS 1.5.

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