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Linux "The recently announced agreement between Microsoft and Novell has resulted in much concern that it could be harmful for Linux and other free software. However, the agreement itself, as well as its timing and comments made by Microsoft executives about it, may actually be a very good thing - and perhaps even worthy of celebration!"
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"Why could SCO threaten Autozone into a deal then?"
It's called "scare tactics" and is quite common. Autozone, rather than getting into a tedious and resource consuming lawsuit chose to give in to SCO.
Please note that in countries where frivolous litigation isn't commonplace this would probably not work.

"That is utter nonsense. By that logic, no end user could be harmed for using counterfeit MS Windows, for example, after all, what does he know..?!"

That is completely different from patents. Are seriously suggesting that every consumer should do in-depth research of every product he or she purchases? How is it possible, at the time of purchase, for an end-user of software to know if that software infringes on any patents? This is simply not a reasonable expectation. Please give any evidence where an *end-user* of a product has been successfully sued *in court* for patent infringements in a product they had purchased.

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