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Morphos The MorphOS Team is pleased to announce that the next public release of MorphOS will support the EFIKA. MorphOS is a lightweight and flexible operating system and EFIKA is a low-power and silent miniature mainboard based on the Freescale PPC5200.
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RE[4]: Efika
by racs on Wed 29th Nov 2006 13:30 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Efika"
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Are you kidding pal?
No, I am not. If you want to do anything else than running MorphOS by its own only, you will find out how slow a 400MHz embedded processor would be.
Have you tried to play DVD on this processor? Not to mention using something like using Blender3D or GIMP.
Well, this HW is certainly enough for a not-really-crowded web server, firewall, or probably for some kiosk, but nothing more. Or at least my definition of "usable desktop" is not matching with it.

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