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Morphos The MorphOS Team is pleased to announce that the next public release of MorphOS will support the EFIKA. MorphOS is a lightweight and flexible operating system and EFIKA is a low-power and silent miniature mainboard based on the Freescale PPC5200.
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by _df_ on Wed 29th Nov 2006 16:23 UTC
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well it is underpowered. your comparing it to an amiga thats all dsps and copro's, to efika's single cpu.

its a real shame they didnt just put a sodimm slot on it instead of solder the memory on, as well as the lack of gigabit ethernet. it would have made a great great NAS but no gig-e is a killer. 128mb is also a killer.

you cant tell me its cheaper to solder + buy dram chips vs a sodimm socket.

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