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Graphics, User Interfaces The OLPC's interface is simply way too complicated. I just read through the human interface guidelines for the project; and by god, I got lost after only a few paragraphs. How are kids supposed to learn all this? Read on for my thoughts.
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Again, what presumes that Gnome, KDE, Windows, and OS X are God's Gift to Earth and that they are the only "right" way to go? You seem to presume a linear progression that always ends up at Windows/etc as the only possible endpoint. As for "help them move ahead" is pretty much bigotry, presuming that what you've got offers so much more value to everybody that anything that's _not_ like what you've got is useless. There are other ways of doing things. And it's not outlandish to presume that because 10 million kids might grow up using something _other_ than Windows, that they also might spend their adult lives using something _other_ than Windows.

Furthermore, the task here is not to teach them Windows or teach them a "normal"/"western"-derived computing paradigm. It's not to prepare children to grow up and work in a call center (which many times use just web apps anyway). It's to _teach_ them, period. But not about WIMP, that's shortsighted. To teach literacy, mathematics, culture, language, communication, etc.

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