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GNU, GPL, Open Source It got little notice at the time, but Richard Stallman, the leader of the FSF, said at the fifth international GPLv3 conference in Tokyo on Nov. 21 that the Novell/Microsoft patent agreement is not in violation of the GPL version 2. Stallman said, according to a transcript published by the FSF Europe, "What has happened is, Microsoft has not given Novell a patent license, and thus, section 7 of GPL version 2 does not come into play. Instead, Microsoft offered a patent license that is rather limited to Novell's customers alone."
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RE[9]: Taking advantage
by TheOtherPJ on Thu 30th Nov 2006 09:15 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Taking advantage"
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Linux will not be v3, that's obvious now to even the casual observer. Call it point of fact. That being said, please stop lying:

>I think it's insane to require people to make their private signing keys available,

Linus, this is not true, you can sign v3 stuff without ever having to give away your keys, _unless_ you try to prevent users of the software from running something not signed by you (which begs the theoretical question, who the f--k are you to tell me what I can or cannot run on my own computer/property).

Second, this very issue has been explained to you on Groklaw, on LKML, by the FSF, etc. Yet you continue to spread this misinformation willfully. This is called lying, Linus, stop it already, it's getting old and doesn't prove your point. Pointing out that the Linux was licensed v2 only (not newer) will prove your point, which you did, so why even bother with the lies?

Rock on Mr. Theo ^H^H^H^H Linus, (edit: and silly me for not noticing it was a quote, guess I've had this argument one to many times.) Also, f--k is censored? f--k, f--k. I'll be damned.

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