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ReactOS ReactOS, the open source implementation of a Windows XP/2003 compatible operating system, just published a new interview in their series of interviews with ReactOS developers. Today's interview features the main DirectX implementation developer Magnus Olsen.
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Reverse Engineering
by kjn9 on Thu 30th Nov 2006 16:25 UTC
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1. A function is deemed to have been implemented in a non-clean manner if
* "unknown" arguments given values
* functions for which there is NO DOCUMENTATION
* functions with no test cases available either in ReactOS or somewhere on the internet
* functions with undocumented magic numbers
* functions with excessive gotos
NO DOCUMENTATION means it cannot be found on MSDN, Google, sysinternals, osronline, any book published by Microsoft Press or any other publication.

This may be sufficient for a first pass, but is not likely to stand up in court. If developers are accused of using disassembled Windows code, an audit should compare ReactOS code with disassembled Windows code.

ReactOS should learn from Linux - the FUD from SCO had a positive outcome, which was the documentation of the provenance of the entire Linux kernel.

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