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Windows "Microsoft finally launches the long-awaited Windows Vista today, promising better security and improved search and claiming it will be the fastest ever adopted operating system it has released. But some users have already questioned the business benefits of upgrading to Vista, citing the relative stability and security of Windows XP and a lack of compelling features in Vista. Based on using the second beta version of Vista here are the five things to get excited about Vista for - and the five things you'll hate it for."
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meta data and applications
by REM2000 on Thu 30th Nov 2006 18:39 UTC
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The meta data in vista is incredibly poor, importing media lost most of the meta tags. And most other formats such as word wasn't really accessible either. The meta data capabilties in Mac OS X are much easier, just a simple box in get info etc..

As for some of the application not working in Vista, it's not a case of vista needing to be fixed, more a case that the applications need to be fixed.

I remember having compatibility problems when using early easy cd creator with Win2k. A patch wasn't long around the corner which fixed the BSOD.

I think most of the features in vista are not really features to be touted, more features that users now tend to expect. Millions of files and more and more media on pc's mean that advanced search and meta capabilties are really a basic requirement not a luxury. Which are the features i am really looking forward too, having used spotlight for over a year.

Yes there are add on's such as Windows Search 3.0 etc.. however the implementation is usually clunky, requires a lot of memory to run and are pretty slow. Having the search functionaility built into vista has made the same functionaility a lot quicker and more accessible.

In the case of the launch of Win95 and the fanfare that it arrived in (p.s. i loved the launch, getting Weezer's buddy holly on the install CDROM and playing it full screen is something i will always remember). They always say that any publicity is good publicity, and so far what everyone has been hearing about is vista, either bad or good, it's been at the forefront of news, blogs and forums over 2006, so im sure that the general public launch is going to do pretty well.

Overall i wasn't too impressed by the Beta's of Vista but the RC's i tested were solid systems and seem to work well, with the amount of changes under the hood, i expect some little niggles but im sure Microsoft will have them ironed out pretty quickly, i can't wait to grab a copy of Vista.

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