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Qt Thinking on the issue of licensing and KDE, an old hymn came to the mind of OfB's Tim Butler. "As it was in the beginning, is now, And ever shall be" Yes, the issue of licensing has been a perennial problem for the Free/Open Source desktop and he suggests its biggest licensing issue remains: the GPL. Read more at
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Open your damn eyes
by rm6990 on Wed 6th Jul 2005 12:03 UTC
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Well you want to have a normal conversation, you want people to take you serious ? Then why do you flame ahead about KDE or QT and make false allegations towards both ? It's quite obvious that your primary intentions are to flame ahead and cause trouble. If you disagree with the terms and conditions of QT then be it so, you can chose to not use QT or KDE in case you dislike it (and it's quite obvious you don't like it). So please go ahead and do something productive with your time rather than spending it here to insult people or trying to convince them with your retarded opinions that none of us gives a flying fuck for. You are only here to stirr shit up that's all you do. So before accusing me or any beloved KDE follower try seeking the problems and issues you cause infront of your own door.

Ummm, please point where I flamed KDE. If you would open your eyes and learn to read, you would see that despite being a gnome supporter, i defended kde and told lumbergh to shut up and that he was pissing me off. I also told other people to use what they want and quit flaming over it.

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