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RISC OS "Last month, I thought I left RISC OS. After 19 years of using Acorn or Acorn-derived computers, my love affair is no longer. I sit here writing this on my Mac Mini, and very happy I am with it too. My Iyonix lies abandoned - still sitting under the desk here, but not connected. And not actually used for some time. And it's weird - because, in some strange way, I thought I would be using RISC OS forever. In January 2005, I said: 'There's people who annoy me on the RISC OS scene, and I still wouldn't think of leaving. The nice people more than cancel it out, and besides - I just couldn't really do without using RISC OS.' So what changed?"
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Earl Colby pottinger
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I basically went thru the same things as he did when I gave up my Amiga for BeOS.

The Amiga community was and still seems to be running around in circles as far as shipping the open-source version of AmigaDos they are always talking about - worse for a long time they wanted you to buy expensive custom hardware to do it.

When I moved to the Intel based BeOS it was with the knowledge that if it did not work out that I would still have a choice of a number of diffirent OSes out there that would run on my PC hardware.

Another marker that has matched my Amiga experience but not my BeOS one is the lack of exchange of info between the diffirent developers.

With BeOS/Haiku/Zeta there has been a movement of code between the diffirent OS versions.

RISC OS like the Amiga developers seems to have two camps who refuse to share common code back and fore resulting in a lot of wasted effort. Right now I am using dual monitors on BeOS using a driver that also works in Haiku and Zeta after a recompile on each, the same for my USB. I know my future use of this hardware is supportted.

RISC OS sounds like one camp may have working video drivers and the other working USB drivers - but neither will exchange code and get on with development. Instead each camp re-invents the other's work.

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