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RISC OS "Last month, I thought I left RISC OS. After 19 years of using Acorn or Acorn-derived computers, my love affair is no longer. I sit here writing this on my Mac Mini, and very happy I am with it too. My Iyonix lies abandoned - still sitting under the desk here, but not connected. And not actually used for some time. And it's weird - because, in some strange way, I thought I would be using RISC OS forever. In January 2005, I said: 'There's people who annoy me on the RISC OS scene, and I still wouldn't think of leaving. The nice people more than cancel it out, and besides - I just couldn't really do without using RISC OS.' So what changed?"
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Long departed
by steve_s on Fri 1st Dec 2006 11:06 UTC
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I was a RISC OS fan. I was both a user and a programmer. I thought that the GUI was fantastic, and enjoyed writing applications for it.

I've not been an active RISC OS user though for over a decade now. Why did I leave? Well, I wanted to write programs for the Apple Newton, and to do that I needed a Mac.

I was attracted to the Newton because it had an ARM chip inside it. I thought that my ARM coding skills would come in handy, although as it goes the Newton OS hides application programmers from hardware details.

On getting my Mac, I quickly converted to the Mac completely, and soon found that my old Archimedes was not getting used at all.

There were a few things I missed about RISC OS. I didn't like the fact that all the windows belonging to an application on Mac OS lived together in the window stack. Initially I also didn't like the fact that I could only type into the top-most window. I missed the pop-up menus, but found using the menu bar just fine. The biggest thing I missed though was not having a back button on windows.

I also found that writing applications for the Newton was *much* easier than RISC OS, and so much more fun.

These days I miss nothing. I quickly got used to the Mac's quirks. (I even appreciated only being able to type in the top-most window - typing in a window that you can't see isn't a smart thing.) When Mac OS X came along most of the things I missed about RISC OS were addressed. The final thing I missed, the lack of a back button, was addressed when Apple added in Exposť.

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