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RISC OS "Last month, I thought I left RISC OS. After 19 years of using Acorn or Acorn-derived computers, my love affair is no longer. I sit here writing this on my Mac Mini, and very happy I am with it too. My Iyonix lies abandoned - still sitting under the desk here, but not connected. And not actually used for some time. And it's weird - because, in some strange way, I thought I would be using RISC OS forever. In January 2005, I said: 'There's people who annoy me on the RISC OS scene, and I still wouldn't think of leaving. The nice people more than cancel it out, and besides - I just couldn't really do without using RISC OS.' So what changed?"
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Personally I was never a !Draw fan, mostly because I'm not into drawing things. I did like ArtWorks (although I rarely used it) and the good news there is that Xara (the follow on) has now been open-sourced at

I'd forgotten about Chocks Away. That was indeed a pretty cool game.

The RAM disc - whilst I often had one configured I'd rarely use it. Older versions of Mac OS had one. I don't really see the point these days.

As for !Elite - IMHO it's now been surpassed by Oolite.

I'm not sure that Acorn made a mistake by targeting education and ignoring business. They tried to target business with the Acorn Business Computer and failed miserably. There also was never a compelling reason for businesses to opt for Acorn - it was more expensive and incompatible.

The argument however that learning RISC OS in school when business uses Windows is, I believe, poor. When I started secondary (high) school WordStar was the standard business word processor, and we had it on our network of RM 480Zs. By the time I left school WordPerfect had taken over. A while after I left university Word took the crown. Whilst I had been taught WordStar I didn't have too much trouble adapting to WordPerfect or Word.

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