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RISC OS "Last month, I thought I left RISC OS. After 19 years of using Acorn or Acorn-derived computers, my love affair is no longer. I sit here writing this on my Mac Mini, and very happy I am with it too. My Iyonix lies abandoned - still sitting under the desk here, but not connected. And not actually used for some time. And it's weird - because, in some strange way, I thought I would be using RISC OS forever. In January 2005, I said: 'There's people who annoy me on the RISC OS scene, and I still wouldn't think of leaving. The nice people more than cancel it out, and besides - I just couldn't really do without using RISC OS.' So what changed?"
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Good article
by Sparrowhawk on Fri 1st Dec 2006 14:50 UTC
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A good article, well written and clearly laying down the reasons why the author had left RISC OS. Having followed the forking saga of RISC OS for a while, I must say that I don't blame him.

I'm surprised at the two derogatory comments at the start of the thread. OK, not surprised given the current state of OSNews, but saddened. If you can't understand why somebody feels a wrench leaving an OS, then you have never been part of a community built around an OS. Acorn had it. Sinclair had it. Commodore, Atari, etc. Apple, BSD and Linux nowadays. Even Windows, although that is so pervasive that it's harder to feel a sense of community. You're not just leaving the OS, you are leaving the people, the community, your memories and maybe childhood to some extent: "it was so much fun back then, things were new, exciting"... It's hard leaving something that you were immersed in, believed in.

For me it was Sinclair QDOS, although I still have my QL and run an emulator under Windows and OSX. I even wrote a commercially released game for it way back in 1988. I made almost 100 towards my university beer fund! ;) But the IT world moves on, and I only boot it up from time to time to play around for an hour or so. I love the fact that it is still being actively developed and supported by freeware and commercial vendors though. Who would have thought it? Must... boot.. up... QL... now... to... play... Psion Chess. Can't resist! ;)

Currently I am debating whether or not to upgrade to eCS 2.0 from 1.2R when it comes out, or to put that money towards a new iMac or MBP with Leopard. I'm leaning towards the latter. OS X is my new found love in the OS world, although Windows earns me my money (developer).

Getting back to RISC OS. The author is a clear wake-up call to ROL and Castle to sort things out. The market is too small for this sort of churlishness. Sort things out or go out of business. I would have thought it would have been a clear-cut decision.

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