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ReactOS ReactOS, the open source implementation of a Windows XP/2003 compatible operating system, just published a new interview in their series of interviews with ReactOS developers. Today's interview features the main DirectX implementation developer Magnus Olsen.
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Reverse Engineering
by fireball on Fri 1st Dec 2006 21:32 UTC
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This message was a provocation, due to a personal conflict between one developer and another. And when that developer decided to quit, he wanted to "close the door very loudly" (this is typical for FOSS projects, unfortunately).

We decided to use this occasion and in order to be sure all our code is valid, an audit is being conducted by our own developers, and 3rd party code auditing (auditing of the whole codebase + any coming patches) will be setup when ReactOS switches to beta state.

Further details (who will conduct 3rd party audit, when and how) will be published when possible in form of news.

I kindly ask to not react to these continuos comments of, maybe, one person under different nicks spamming ReactOS news entries with these lies.


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