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Fedora Core This light hearted review is a look at how a girl who uses Windows (and is non-technical) deals with using Fedora Linux instead. In fact, she likes it so much, she uses it all the time now. If she can use Fedora Linux, anyone can.
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RE: Problems with Linux
by ecko on Tue 16th Aug 2005 20:32 UTC in reply to "Problems with Linux"
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1) GTKPod works fine. It even lets you get music back off your iPod and onto your hard drive. Does iTunes do that? My iPod goes from my PC running debian to my G5 running yellowdog and I can add remove songs on both.

2) Kino, gimp-video, the gimp. If you're not a professional you'll probably be satisfied and's cheap.

3) Can't argue there. I have a PS2, I do serious work on my PC and fuck around with my PS2. Windows does everything but does nothing exceptionall well. Linux is rock solid and secure. I have a lot of sensitive work material on my machine. I would NOT trust Windows with it and neither does my company.

4)NVidia drivers are top notch and release often. My solution is to run Nvidia hardware. I'm not looking for great gaming cards I need my computer for work but my GF4 runs great.

5) Are you a real developer or just someone who dicks around in Visual Studio? This is an honest question. Whatever you can do in Visual Studio you can do on linux. If you need an IDE that holds your hand there's always Eclipse and monodevelop is coming along nicely. Glade for making XML defined UI's(this doesn't exist on windows yet, but apparantly it's coming) is a godsend.

I'm tired of these types of post. It's obvious you have not a clue what you're talking about and it shows. I like Windows, I like Linux, I like solaris but I don't pretend any of them is better than the other and if I'm gonna put one of them down I'm sure as shit gonna know what I'm talking about.

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