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Windows After my previous short first impressions 'review' of Windows Vista Build 6000, the final build, I promised you a full review which would look a bit deeper into the system, focussing on less obvious matters than appearance alone. Since there are so many new features in Windows Vista, it is very easy to lose track of them. Hence, this review will follow (where possible) a much linked-to page on Wikipedia: Features new to Windows Vista.
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My experience...
by jrronimo on Mon 4th Dec 2006 01:19 UTC
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I've been using Vista for quite a few builds now as my main OS. ATi has yet to release an OpenGL driver for it, but that's the /only/ complaint I have. It's a really nice OS for me and I really like the look and feel. I like the way some menus have been re-thought.

I'm even running in 'Standard User' mode, with constant prompts for the Administrator password... There are a few quirks to it, but it works far better than it did when they first implemented it.

My only 'complaint', I guess, is that for as much emphasis as they put on the User Account Control, by default the first user created is an administrator and the 'Administrator' account is disabled. Maybe that's only a feature for 'Ultimate', but even then, I like Vista.

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