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Google "It's quite a challenge really: how does the Number 1 search engine on the web rewrite its search algorithm and test its effectiveness without hurting its current results and user-experience during the testing process? Sergey Brin and Larry Page seem to have figured it out: create a new search engine, and do your testing there! is the evolution of Google, and should things go right, what Google will (soon enough) become. It tests a range of new features and methods of bringing information to the users' fingertips in more ways than immediately obvious to the eyes."
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RE[2]: Clusty?
by RawMustard on Mon 4th Dec 2006 10:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Clusty?"
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I like Snap, thanks for the tip. Much better than the others. I've been loosing faith in google of late, too commercial now, just wants to promote its paying corporate customers by the looks of things. This is just my impression mind you, it may be different for others?

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