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Windows After my previous short first impressions 'review' of Windows Vista Build 6000, the final build, I promised you a full review which would look a bit deeper into the system, focussing on less obvious matters than appearance alone. Since there are so many new features in Windows Vista, it is very easy to lose track of them. Hence, this review will follow (where possible) a much linked-to page on Wikipedia: Features new to Windows Vista.
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I think you suck more than audio on windows, because you are trying to misinform others around here without doing any research. Here you go (taken from Wikipedia):

Windows Audio Session API - Very low level API for rendering audio, render/capture audio streams, adjust volume etc. This API also provides extremely low latency for audio professionals.

Explanation: it was introduced in Vista. You can find more info in MSDN and MS blogs. You can easily get audio latencies below 10ms FYI.

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