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3D News, GL, DirectX "DirectX 10 is probably the most important revolution in games development, at least since the introduction of the programmable shader in DirectX 8.0. Because of the way that Microsoft has designed the new driver model, DirectX 10 will only be available for Windows Vista users and there will not be a version released for Windows XP. Along with DirectX 10, Windows Vista will come with DirectX 9.0Ex - this is because pre-DirectX 10 hardware will not work under the new API due to the complete overhaul."
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RE[2]: blah blah direct rex
by Jack Burton on Mon 4th Dec 2006 12:55 UTC in reply to "RE: blah blah direct rex"
Jack Burton
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"I doubt the PC games market is going to die"

I doubt that too. I've been hearing this stuff for years already.

"plus who would want to spend >=600$ on a piece of hardware one can't even run selfwritten software on?"

Yes, it's much better to spend >= 600$ every 4 months just for a new video card, to be able to play the most recent games.

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