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Novell and Ximian "OrangeCrate is pleased to announce an interview with Justin Steinman, Director of Marketing for Novell. Novell has announced a major deal with Microsoft in the last few weeks that has caused some in the community to question the validity of the deal announced, and has already been characterized by Microsoft as somehow verifying that Linux violates Microsoft's intellectual property. While I disagree with that statement from Steve Ballmer, I do understand that it is only fitting to offer Novell the chance to speak directly to the questions we all want addressed."
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RE: Ambiguous
by segedunum on Mon 4th Dec 2006 22:41 UTC in reply to "Ambiguous"
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Can anyone point me to a concrete example from Novell how this is a win-win-win? I read it as a "Microsoft offered us $$$$$!!!111!!1 We had to take it!"

The question you really want to ask yourself is this. Why on Earth would Microsoft want to agree to this deal?

Microsoft are the dominant player, certainly from a desktop point of view, and Microsoft are taking customers and potential customers from Novell in their own Netware market, and potential Linux customers. They're in a dominant, comfortable position. Hovsepian admitted that in a previous interview. The Linux move hasn't arrested that, far from it.

Why in God's name would Microsoft want to interoperate with Novell's software (which Novell will strangely not get, at the last minute, incidentally) in order for that trend not to continue? Anybody?

When you peel away the layers (and there aren't many), the facts are that Microsoft is skipping down the street arm-in-arm with Novell, making them feel good, whilst pilfering from their pockets. Microsoft payed a few hundred million for Novell to effectively give up and fold their business - with some free FUD, 'open source is tainted' marketing thrown in! You can't beat it. Yep, Hovsepian couldn't even get that right. He is selling a company with over $1 billion in cash and assets down the river for a measly few hundred million of dollars!

But not only that ladies and gentlemen. Novell are actually paying royalties to Microsoft for copies of SLES sold! That's right. They're paying royalties for the privilege of being waltzed to the block, awaiting the executioner. But that's not all. Novell are the ones who contacted Microsoft about the possibility of executing themselves!

But we're still not finished. Microsoft are sending covenant letters to all of Novell's customers, promising them that they won't be sued. How much do you want to bet that Microsoft is wording those letters, and confirming all the untrue FUD they've been throwing at Novell's customers, delivered by Novell's own hand?!

The Marx brothers couldn't have come up with anything like this, and I'm astonished Ballmer kept a straight face.

'Tis the season of goodwill. No?

Don't give me any of that "This is all about customers" and "Novell live in a business world, not an open source fantasy one" crap. This is an even more incredibly stupid deal from a business perspective than it is from an open source one.

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