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Novell and Ximian The first fruit of the recently announced Novell/Microsoft interoperability agreement arrived on Dec. 4, with Novell's announcement that its version of the OpenOffice productivity suite will now support the Microsoft Office Open XML format. The release candidate of Novell's modified version of 2.02 is now available for Windows for free download by registered Novell users.
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//in both cases potentially tying that document to Windows if, for whatever reason, other platforms don't have the facillities to run that component. //

Misses the point entirely. Continues with "disingenious".

For ODF, all platforms are "permitted" to implement all of the required "facillities to run that component". It is entirely open, free to implement as there are no encumberances, either within the ODF spec itself or within any of the dependent facilities. Anyone is permitted to implement SVG, PNG or OGG, these are all open and unencumbered.

That is not the case at all for Open XML via its attendant dependencies.

If a Windows platform does not have a given facility (such as, for example, the ability to render SVG), then that is because Microsoft do not want to support open standards. It is not because Microsoft are not permitted to support SVG on their Windows platform.

If, OTOH, a Linux or OSX platform is missing a given facility (such as, for example, the ability to use ActiveX controls or to run Visual basic macros), it is because these facilities are Microsoft proprietary, and Microsoft do not allow anyone else to implement them, and they are restricted to Microsoft platforms only.

Therefore, via "inheritance" of the dependencies, Open XML is not open at all, whereas ODF in contrast is "open all the way down".

Open XML is indeed a "one way street", without any doubt at all. My very strong recommendation remains, DO NOT SAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS IN OPEN XML FORMAT.

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