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Microsoft Microsoft has announced an integrated suite of tools for designers, as well as a new preview of the company's 'Flash killer' technology, putting Microsoft squarely into competition with Adobe. Microsoft on Dec. 4 announced its Expression Studio suite of tools for designers, consisting of four tools - three of which had been introduced heretofore and a new tool stemming from an acquisition the company made last summer. In addition, Microsoft announced a new CTP of its WPF/E technology, and there's also an app to show it off, while with some workarounds WPF can be used in Vista's Sidebar.
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yes Adobe Reader has become bloated, it takes ages to load on windows, eats memory for a glorified advertisement for Adobe Acrobat.

I agree that it would be nice if Microsoft were to do what apple has done an implement a quick little PDF API, with quick viewers and creators.

However Microsoft already tried to do this, they tried to implement PDF into Office 2007 but they were refused and monopoly was mentioned again. Im sure if Microsoft was allowed to do it with office they would have done it with Windows.

Although i would hope that the controls over PDF in Windows and office would be tight, as i wouldn't want another sun/microsoft java VM PITA to happen.

As for XPS, im glad to see someone else have a crack at the market, competition is good, perhaps it will give Adobe a kick up the behind and get them innovating.

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