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Hardware, Embedded Systems Microsoft wants to make its Windows operating system available on the One Laptop per Child notebook computers, OLPC chairman Nicholas Negroponte said at the NetEvents conference in Hong Kong on Saturday. "I have known Bill Gates his entire adult life. We talk, we meet one-on-one, we discuss this project," said Negroponte, can reveal. "We put in an SD slot in the machine just for Bill. We didn't need it but the OLPC machines are at Microsoft right now, getting Windows put on them."
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An OLPC component "just for Bill"?!
by usr0 on Tue 5th Dec 2006 23:13 UTC
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And I have thought the OLPC project have been founded to develop a notebook for third world countries that were already enough exploited by U.S. imperialism? And these guys "put in an SD slot in the machine just for Bill" that makes it more expensive just to be possibly able to run a lean&mean Windows edition on it? So MS can explore new markets for their OS to establish it as new pseudo-"standard" and enslave the people in third world countries by the obligatory MS tax? Or will Microsoft ship their lean&mean goodwill Windows edition with source code; so the third world kids can explore the functionality of a PC respectively the OS?

Only questions an no answers...?

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