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SkyOS SkyOS has gotten a new virtual filesystem, dubbed BranchFS. This makes it possible to branch filesystems, convert read-only media into read-write media, and add SkyFS attributes to non-SkyFS volumes. "BranchFS makes it possible to make a reversible filesystem. By using your system partition you can revert to a previous state (with just one reboot) and and when using a CD BranchFS makes it possible to make changes to the content. BranchFS is still in heavy development but branching a LiveCD works quite well already. The first SkyOS LiveCD will be based on BranchFS."
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RE: How does Robert do this?
by Lakedaemon on Tue 5th Dec 2006 23:47 UTC in reply to "How does Robert do this?"
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Passion...and skill...

Another explanation might be that Robert is many ^_^
(like Shakespeare is rumoured to be)

In fact the "Robert" name hides an army of little leprechauns that works diligently at night when everyone is asleep to bring software goodness to SkyOs

Personnaly, I really hope it goes on forever like this (but I guess that at some point some bitter fellow will phone the Association of Defense of Leprechauns rights and tell them about how he abuse them

(At the pace SkyOS get features, I would bet that they work all day for no fee and that they only get 1 minute break every week to go pee and 20 minutes at christmas to go and visit their families)

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