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Linux The title of the article seems completely wrong to you? Naturally it would, when you daily read something like this. But I do state all this stuff is being a big mistake, if not worse. I am sure, that Linux is now close to extinction, and still is getting closer and closer to the point of no return.
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Saying that the market share is near zero is quite pessimistic. I don't think anybody has any concrete stats about this, as most people using Linux downloaded it for free. However, there is a new music player called "songbird" and it has a neat feature that lets you see how many of its users are running Windows, Mac and Linux. Here are the stats from it as we speak:

Users by Platform
Windows 81%
Linux 10%
Macintosh 9%

So I guess the people who claimed a 10% is not that off the track. Interesting also that the Linux number is higher than the Mac now...

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