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SkyOS SkyOS has gotten a new virtual filesystem, dubbed BranchFS. This makes it possible to branch filesystems, convert read-only media into read-write media, and add SkyFS attributes to non-SkyFS volumes. "BranchFS makes it possible to make a reversible filesystem. By using your system partition you can revert to a previous state (with just one reboot) and and when using a CD BranchFS makes it possible to make changes to the content. BranchFS is still in heavy development but branching a LiveCD works quite well already. The first SkyOS LiveCD will be based on BranchFS."
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re: Trial Version
by helf on Wed 6th Dec 2006 19:29 UTC
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for all we know, there WILL be a trial of some sort once it goes gold. lik, say, a liveCD version or some such. right now its still in beta, so they have no need to put extra effort into a trial version.

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