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Fedora Core This light hearted review is a look at how a girl who uses Windows (and is non-technical) deals with using Fedora Linux instead. In fact, she likes it so much, she uses it all the time now. If she can use Fedora Linux, anyone can.
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RE: Problems with Linux
by abraxas on Wed 17th Aug 2005 02:19 UTC in reply to "Problems with Linux"
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I use iTunes, I actually like it. I use iTunes with Audible Audio to get stories and articles that I listen to on my daily commute. Is there currently a Gnome and KDE application that allows me to interface with iTunes Music Store and upload content onto my iPod?

Well iTunes works with wine, well with crossover at least. I have a better solution though, get rid of the iPod. Seriously those things are terrible. They break so easily and have jack crap for features. I never understood why people like them.

#2 I do a lot of photo and video editing. Are there currently any applications that have the power of Photoshop or Premiere?

Not that I know of. Gimp is great but if you are a photoshop fanatic already then you're going to hate it. I personally like it better though because I never was a big Photoshop user when I primarily used Windows. One cool thing is that CinePaint (which is based on the Gimp) is used a lot in the movie industry. It is only used to touch up film, but it does have some features that Photoshop does not.

#4 Further, is the driver quality of hardware products. Has anyone ever seriously used ATI drivers for gaming or media? When will Visioneer scanners be supported (pick other hardware)?

I've known some people that have used ATI for games on Linux but it's not pretty. Nvidia is much better on Linux so you'll have to switch if you want to play serious games. As far as Visioneer goes, some of them work with SANE and some of them (the model I have included) do not.

#5 Visual Studio 2005. When is their going to be a visual IDE that has the quality and the "libraries" available on Linux to make porting easy? Most do not want to write code in Vi or Emacs.

There are plenty of quality IDEs out there although I still prefer vi. Check out Eclipse, Anjuta, and KDevelop. Glade + Anjuta makes building a GNOME or just plain old GTK+ pretty easy. KDevelop + QT Designer is damn good too.

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