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Hardware, Embedded Systems El Reg reviews the Dell Inspiron 6400, and concludes: "With a base price - for the T7200 Core 2 Duo - of GPB 789 inc. VAT and shipping, the Inspiron 6400 is an excellent and affordable route into the Core 2 Duo world. It has all the credentials to be a dependable multimedia companion with its great screen, comprehensive connectivity and decent processing power. But be aware it's neither exciting to look at nor to game on."
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I've got a 6400
by nevali on Thu 7th Dec 2006 11:15 UTC
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I've got a Core Duo 6400, the one that was shipping a couple of months back, before the Core 2 Duos were released.

It runs Ubuntu pretty well, except for the fact that the Broadcom wireless chipset (I don't know if the newer ones use the same chipset) is as flaky as hell under Linux.

I've not done a package update in a few weeks, so it might be better now, but I'd not hold out much hope. I couldn't persuade FreeBSD to talk to the wireless or the graphics chipset at a native resolution, unfortunately.

I'm tempted to try Darwin 8 on it, seeing as most of my other machines run Tiger or Darwin. Perhaps Apple's own drivers will do better than the Ubuntu ones.

(Side-note: Any chance em and strong could be supported in the comment box in addition to i and b?)

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