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BeOS & Derivatives The Haiku network stack currently under heavy development is reportedly working with the Vision IRC client. Haiku developer Axel Dörfler reports that the network stack can now successfully run the Vision IRC client (screenshot on the Haiku website). At this stage, the network still needs to be configured manually, but this can be easily done by editing a couple of files as explained here. Haiku can use BeOS network drivers, so if your NIC is not supported, you can try finding a driver on
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by aldeck on Thu 7th Dec 2006 15:20 UTC
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So i guess that the TCP protocol is almost complete!! Congrats, if i'm not mistaking, it's the biggest part of any network stack, isn't it? Are there any protocols left to implement?
Anyway, i think that networking will give a boost to the project since it'll be much easier to test apps without modifying the disk image or copying files to the haiku partition via a beos install.

Exciting ;)

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