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BeOS & Derivatives The Haiku network stack currently under heavy development is reportedly working with the Vision IRC client. Haiku developer Axel Dörfler reports that the network stack can now successfully run the Vision IRC client (screenshot on the Haiku website). At this stage, the network still needs to be configured manually, but this can be easily done by editing a couple of files as explained here. Haiku can use BeOS network drivers, so if your NIC is not supported, you can try finding a driver on
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I remember talking with David Reid almost 4 years ago and he had an almost working netserver/BONE replacement - not sure why it took until now to finish...

Sad thing is, many of the good developers other than Axel left due to issues with the way things were run. If we (the then BeOS community) had managed some kind of encouragement to keep the others around then I think we'd have seen Haiku r2 by now.

Not belittling Axel's abilities - he's a prolific coder - but theres only so much one person can do on their own or for their own sanity. Perhaps BGA really does keep him in the basement!

I miss BeOS, I miss the community, but its all but gone now. Haiku is already years too late.

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