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Linux As part of the 2.6.20 development process, patches adding support for the 'PS3 game console and other devices' (built on top of the IBM Cell) have been merged. The code has been written by Sony.
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meant to be a computer
by stolennomenclature on Thu 7th Dec 2006 23:12 UTC
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I have heard so many times in the press how Sony wants the PS3 to be more than a games machine - in fact supposedly its a fully fledged PC.

If so, why did they cripple it by putting in so little ram, and apparently no facility to expand it? With 1 Gb of ram being more or less the defacto standard on new PC's these days, and Windows Vista moving into the 2Gb recommended arena, its just a little hard to see how Sony thought 256Megs might be enough.

True in all other respects the machine is powerful enough, but a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

There is also the issue of adding a second hard disk, a digital TV tuner, etc. The only thing it has is a couple of USB ports. Not enough. It needed at least an external eSata port, and at least two USB-2 controllers.

I am looking for a new PC to run Linux, and gave (am giving) the PS-3 serious consideration, but these issues are show stoppers for anyone who plans to do more with the machine under Linux than web browsing and email.

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