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Linux After seven years of work, the LinuxBIOS project is on the brink of making a free BIOS a standard option for computers. Serious obstacles remain, including a lack of resources and resistance from some proprietary chipset manufacturers and OEMs, but the advantages of LinuxBIOS indicate that its availability to the average computer buyer may be only months away.
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RE: benefit
by Priest on Fri 8th Dec 2006 14:59 UTC in reply to "benefit"
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One thing that annoys me about my dell system is that I can't list hard disks in the boot order.

This would be cool because I could stick ~50 OSís on my secondary HDD and disable the first one in the BIOS when I need to play with the second one.

As it is now I canít install anything on disk2 without overwriting my primary boot loader on disk1, and without disk2 in the boot order I canít just disable disk1.

Since my primary systems (Windows/Ubuntu) are on disk1 I donít want any of the random OSís or distros on disk2 fsking up my installs on disk1.

This means for ďtestingĒ I am forced to use a slow test machine connected to the KVM switch instead.

I was hoping I would be able to just disable disk1 in the bios and have my way with disk2 but no, the BIOS has locked me out.

If anyone knows an OEM that does not do this with thier BIOS I will consider them for my next upgrade cycle.

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