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Microsoft The holiday season hasn't gone exactly as Microsoft had hoped and Ballmer sits down with CNET to discuss life after Vista, battling the iPod, and the rising importance of mobile devices.
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I think Apple and Pixar are 10x worse. Vista comes with a DVR (perfect for light pirating amd misuse) in the box. Apple doesn't do that because Jobs has a large stake in Pixar and Disney.

Apple doesn't do that as they have no interest in doing that at the moment, but there are plenty of 3rd party software

People bitched when Microsoft changed there EULA to ban virtualization of certian version of Vista but Apple doesn't allow virtualization of OS X at all.

The difference is that Mac OSX is designed to only run on Apple computers, there has never been an option to do this. Microsoft offer virtualisation and then start cutting back and force users to pay for versions of windows they don't need.

People here are crying about DRM and TPM chips while the only company using it in the consumer sector to do all those things you guys are so paranoid about is Apple. OS X won't even run on anything but a Mac without some serious hacking. That's why apple doesn't have their version of WGA... it's built into their OS.

There is no version of WGA in Mac OSX, my mac system has never asked if it's geniune, it's never had to check that it's genuine to download software from the apple site. Mac OSX was designed purely for use with apple computers, think of it as an embedded OS, it was never meant to run apart from the hardware.

Microsoft and its partners have been shipping DVD quality (and now HD quality) downloadable movies for years and Apple is only at 640x480 because of Disney and Pixar.

Sorry i must have missed the link to the downloadable movies as we don't have them in the UK and ive never seen HD movies to download on any web site.

640x480 is the optimum screen size for the iPod which is what the movies are meant for.

Most of you guys are climbing up the wrong tree when you should be looking at Apple.

This article is about Microsoft

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