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Mac OS X OS X is more appealing to enterprises as a desktop operating system than ever before and although it is unlikely to take market share away from Windows, the Mac could reduce the number of Linux-based desktops, according to research group Gartner. In a report published by Gartner this week titled Enterprise Mac Clients Remain Limited, but Apple's Appeal is Growing, analysts Michael Silver, Neil MacDonald, Ray Wagner and Brian Prentice, said that administrators will most likely have to prepare for more Mac systems in their environment even though OS X is "not a suitable enterprise wide platform". Ars weighs in on the issue as well.
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It depends ...
by Nedi on Sat 9th Dec 2006 00:15 UTC
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... on what you value.

I switched back to Linux from Mac for 2 reasons

1. I noticed that if I wanted to do anything more on the Mac than write a letter or so, suddenly the famous user-friendliness was gone out of the window, and I found myself mucking about in the depths of the Mac system, trying to make things work - reminded me of the years I spent with a certain OS from Redmond ... no big difference. And if I have to muck around, then I prefer do it with an open system - which leads to point two:

2. don't want to get locked in again into a proprietary system.

And the Mac is not that great, either, neither soft- nor hardware-wise, so no big regrets. I'll keep my 2 Macs for the time being, though - maybe some use can be found for them.

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