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Games Today, Nintendo released its Wii console in Europe and the UK, meaning the launch is now complete. The Inq has a set of photos of the device, comparing it to the Xbox 360, while El Reg has a review of the oddball among the new game consoles.
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RE: Europe & UK?
by Simon Gray on Sat 9th Dec 2006 12:14 UTC in reply to "Europe & UK?"
Simon Gray
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The people of the United Kingdom have always been like this...

The Scots are Scots, English are English, etc.: don't tell us we're Brits!

And when it comes to Europe: don't tell us we're Europeans, we're Brits!

It's a bit like how the French always want to go their own way. The Brits are a lot like that, except not French. It annoys me to pieces, because the Brits are pretty much like the Europeans on the continent, including the French people that they love to loathe.

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