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Apple "On the whole, I bought the story too, although I know that it won't all go smoothly. Anyone who owns or is considering buying a Mac has to have questions; these are what I think the answers are."
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by kaiwai on Sun 10th Jul 2005 03:33 UTC
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Will This Mean That Macs Get Cheaper?

I don't expect that Macs will drop much in price as a result of this switch. Even if there is a greater supply of chips (and Apple did not cite short supply as a reason for moving away from the PowerPC), any price drop due to greater supply is likely to be hidden by high development costs, which will be passed on to buyers.

And why is it that when people live the author make statements, they never back it up? Oh, so now Apple moves all its chipset/motherboard and so forth design to Intel, and the cost gets higher? how does that happen?

It doesn't add up, hence the reason, I wouldn't even bother with the truck of salt, I'd dismiss the article all together.

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