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SuSE, openSUSE "In conclusion? I'm going to stick with it. It really is impressive with a great set of software installed by default (taking away perhaps a lot of my need for massive repos), nice touches like the new menu and use of Gnome control center etc." More here.
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Don't like the new KDE menu
by manjabes on Sun 10th Dec 2006 10:16 UTC
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To be honest, I can't tell how come everyone is so excited and happy about the new KDE menu. I for one don't see it as an advancement over the previous (of course, it may take a little getting used to) because of the myriad of clicking that is needed to find something. In the old-style KDE menu, I could navigate to deep into the menu tree within an eyeblink, now I have to click my way through the thing which is quite annoying and SLOW (especially considering the fact that I have to bear with a laptop touchpad & mousebuttons). IF the menus would open when the cursor pauses at them, it may have a chance but for now I cannot see the advancements of "usability" anywhere. Probably this is like some kind of a Gnome-thing that "has great usability" but stupid me cannot feel it in any way.

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