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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu According to Google Trends, but also according to Distrowatch, our own statistics here at OSNews and overall sense of the industry during 2006, Ubuntu has a big leap in mind share ahead of its competition (please note that we don't dare to say "market share", although we are pretty confident that it's the most used Linux desktop out there today). The second Fedora has a very small edge ahead of SuSe (while in US is a clear second), while Debian is following fourth. Mandrake+Mandriva (add both names on Google Trends and then sum the results) is clearly way below the previous four distros, but a clear 5th nonetheless. Last year Ubuntu was only a bit ahead of the other distros worldwide, but 2006 seems to have skyrocketed the distribution in the people's minds and computers.
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RE[2]: Ubuntu?
by twenex on Sun 10th Dec 2006 12:31 UTC in reply to "RE: Ubuntu?"
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You couldn't say it is 100% useless out of your 3/3 install witnessed.

I didn't say it was "useless" either. What I said was, I wonder why it's so popular.

After all, say 10 people all try Ubuntu and Slackware. If 90% of them get 70% through the Slackware installation process, but 70% of them find Ubuntu can't find their disks, that's a higher success rate for the supposedly "hackerish" Slack than for the supposedly "user-friendly" Ubuntu.

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