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Mozilla & Gecko clones According to research carried out by French firm Xiti Monitor, use of the Firefox browser continues to grow in Europe. Since April this year, the geeky alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer gained an extra four percent of the market across the continent. According to Xiti's research, the browser is now used by some 23.2 per cent of European PC web surfers - up from 19.4% in April.
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RE[2]: Opera as usually underrated
by vermaden on Sun 10th Dec 2006 22:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Opera as usually underrated"
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Firefox has a broad user support compared to Opera, so people build websites for IE and Firefox more than for Opera.

that is fault of noobish webmasters, not opera.

Firefox is Open-Source, not Opera. (that gives Firefox an advantage for me and for others)

Opera is free, I do not need to browse their source code to use it exclusivly.

The fact that You can compile FX does not mean that it is faster or better.

Exacly what advantage?

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