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Linux European governments have long complained about their dependence on Microsoft's software, but their rhetoric has not turned into a mass migration away from Windows. During the past few years, Europe's elected officials have made a lot of noise about ambitious projects to switch to open source software, including big migrations of government PCs in France, Germany, Spain and Norway. Yet the actual migrations have been negligible. More than 95 percent of all PCs used by European government workers still run on Windows, according to the market research firm IDC.
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RE[6]: OS last on list
by vege on Mon 11th Dec 2006 14:50 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: OS last on list"
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"Most of the European countries already are or soon will be in NATO. That also means bye bye to MiGs and Sus."

For your information: dropping the Russian techniques does not necesseraly mean adopting US ones. For fighters both Hungary and Czechia chose the Swedish Saab's Gripens from the NATO countries; also Germany, France and the UK runs several concurrent air force projects.

Sorry, I could not decide whether or not it was off-topic, maybe the theories behind are the same.

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