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Windows The internet is full of hosts running unpatched versions of Windows. Should Microsoft release patching worms to fix every vulnerable system on the Internet in a matter of minutes? That's one of the hot questions that security researcher Jose Nazario, famous for his WormBlog, answered in this interview on SecurityFocus. It's a nice read, especially when they start comparing computer worms to nature phenomena.
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I know this is one of those recurring memes onthe net, but really who is it that tinks this is a good idea? How much will these peole like it when the next 'patch worm' does a DRM update and suddenly non of their media will work? Or suddenly they'e unable to open the html document they jut saved because they don't have authorcreator authentications?

Don't laugh, the way things have been going lately that IS the future. The next time one of us geeks wh ought know better proposes something like this, even as speculaion, let's try to remember that what gets imposed on the technically iliterate is something that we ALL have to lve with--just look at Windows activation and how many pirates its created out of people who use a VLK copy of Windows despite actually being the owner of a legitatmate Windows Key and media simply to avoid the hasslesof re-re-e-re-regstation every time they upgrade.

People need to start thinkin about the law of unintended consequences!


PS: 'I use Linux, this type of stuff doesn't affect me' doesn't apply here--Linus has made it clear that he (for better or worse) sees nothng wrong with DRM...this type of thing affects everyone!

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